Welcome to TIV Catholic-Link Online Radio, platform to explore Catholic Faith.

TivCatholicLink is online resources, a platform that provides a range of online services for the Catholic Church in Tiv land.  It is an independent body, without any attachment to a diocese in Tiv land but it is working for and with these three dioceses for the evangelization of the gospel. It is a gift to the Catholic Church not only in the Tiv land but the Catholic The church at large.

Tiv Catholic link online Radio is a not-for-profit Catholic radio run wholly by volunteers who live all over the dioceses in Tiv land and abroad. We make and air enjoyable programmes in Tiv and English language to appeal to Tiv Catholics and non-Tiv Catholics throughout the world.

Our task is to celebrate our Catholic faith both in Tiv and English language and make contents especially in Tiv language available online for our people worldwide. We do this by broadcasting interesting and original programmes which showcase Tiv songs, Mass and Reflections in Tiv language.

We are determined, and we believe strongly that the talents in our Tiv Catholic dioceses should be encouraged and through Tiv Catholic-Link, your support and the grace of God almighty this dream is going to become a big reality in the near future.

We thank all the clergy and laypeople who have been the backbone of this initiative either as a guest, host of the radio reaching out to many Tiv people throughout the world. We are proud of you all, and we wish you all the best in your ministries. God bless you abundantly.